Hatha Yoga Teachers

Members of our community who teach yoga at the Center:

PrasadachittaPrasadachitta (Gabe Branbury)

Prasadachitta began practicing yoga as a support to meditation. He teaches a gentle vinyassa yoga which integrates the breath with flowing motions to join one posture to another. Using the breath in this way physically links us to disconnected parts of our experience with the flow of awareness. Prasadachitta seeks to explore the integration of mind and body without elevating one above the other.

Ann Dennehy Dayamudra (Ann Dennehy)

Dayamudra's teaching is anchored in a mindful approach to asana, and draws from many yoga traditions. Her years of training in dance and martial arts, and her life-long passion for language-learning and clear communication also inform her teaching practice.

Helen Demuth Fraser Helen Demuth

Through the complimentary paths of Buddhism and Yoga, Helen has created an inwardly directed, contemplative style of yoga that lends itself to both a rigorous vinyasa and traditional hatha practice.