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This retreat starts on Sat Aug 4 at 3pm and ends on Sat Aug 11 at 12pm.

It will be held at SFBC Lake County.

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All food is provided and is vegetarian, vegan optional, and mostly organic. When dairy products or wheat are served, alternatives are provided. Since we cannot cater to each person’s individual food preferences, we ask you to eat the meals that are served. However, you may bring a limited amount of supplies to supplement our meals - a small amount of refrigerator space and a microwave are available. If you have medical dietary restrictions, please let us know at least 3 weeks before the start of the retreat.

On weekend retreats, no dinner will be served the first night of the retreat - you're welcome to bring your dinner and eat it there. If not, there will be boxed soups and other packaged foods available for you to make if you need it.

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We do our best to organize carpools for retreats. However, our transportation resources are limited. If you have access to a car and can drive others, please do. Riders are expected to offer to pay for gas.
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Helping Out

As a donation to the scholarship fund, I will add $ to my retreat fee.
(Donations toward scholarships are tax deductible.)
I can help organize, either before or during this retreat.
(Examples of help needed for retreats: onsite organizer, organize and communicate carpools, food shopping, bring supplies such as meditation cushions or food to the retreat, organize camping gear loaning and borrowing, place to stay for visitors before or after the retreat, shrines.)
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All SFBC events are offered on a sliding scale to make them accessible to as many people as possible. We ask that you pay the highest amount that you can afford. Your contributions help others come on retreats at a lower rate, cover some of our related program and administrative costs, and, depending on the event, pay for airfare and lodging for visiting teachers. Reduced rates are available, but must be arranged before the registration deadline. Email to arrange a reduced rate.

Any balance due will be collected at the beginning of the retreat. During the retreat you may make an optional donation toward supporting the retreat leaders, all of whom volunteer their time to teach. The tradition of making offerings to teachers is called dana, which means generosity in the Pali language.

If you are registering for a Breathworks or GFR Retreat please refer to their separate payment policies. Thank you!

  dates Aug 4–11
  sliding scale $700–550
* deposit I will pay $ as a deposit for registration.
(The minimum is $100.)
* method
[Payment is through the JustGive donation system, please indicate that you are paying for this retreat under "Designation".]
37 Bartlett Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
To be registered, we need to receive a deposit of $100 by Jul 22.
!NOTE! You are not fully registered until we receive your deposit.